Cooperation and communication

The cooperation and communication among partner schools will be assured on 3 levels:

1. The permanent communication by: the persons of contact designated in each partner school, phone, fax, school e-mail, online dialogue facilitated through the posting of all e-mail addresses, messenger, face book, chat forum on the common platform, the news rubric on the common platform.

2. The periodical communication and cooperation facilitated by: the common preparation of the project visits, the editing of the two common magazines into the electronic form (teachers' magazine and students' magazine), updating the common database.

3. The occasional communication and cooperation during: the achievement of some thematic common mini-projects; the exchange of information and pedagogical practices; the organization of online lessons and video conferences; the publication of the Good Practice Guidebook; the publication of the project symbols (sigle, flag, mascot); editing of some educational softwares; the publication of the collection of lessons fit to ICT use.