Dissemination and the use of results

The dissemination of the results and final products will be realized at least on 3 levels, starting from the school level to the local and extra-local, using different ways and means: written materials (sheets, posters, folders, banners), electronic materials (CDs, DVDs), online materials, mass-media means.

The dissemination and the use of the results into all partner schools will be realized by: the project corner existing in every school, articles in the school magazine, a special rubric on every school website; the presentation of informative materials during the methodical activities in the school and during activities with the parents.

The dissemination and the use of the results in the local community will be realized by: articles in local publications, participation at TV shows; round table debates with local partners and community representatives.

The dissemination and the use of the results in a larger community regarding lifelong learning will be done by: launching informative materials and the publication of some articles on different websites of socialization: the online issue of the project magazines; the participation of the schools in contests like MADE FOR EUROPE.

A great success of this project is that many results and final products will be used during the class and extra class even after the project is over, mainly the software platform will be a model for going on the advanced and innovative use of ICT in every school involved in. More over, all the electronic lessons and educational software created during the project, the electronic tests, the model of electronic registers (catalogues) and the Good Practice Guidebook will be intensively used in the following years ensuring a great sustainability for the project.



Results and outcomes


No Approx. Date Description

1 October 2012 A software-platform with access for all partners

2 October 2012 A guidance of using the software-platform

3 Perpetually Lessons fit for ICT use and edited by teachers involved in the project

4 Annualy A collection of lessons fit for ICT and applied at classes

5 Since December 2012 A database for every school subject/level involved in the project thus students to access to it

6 Since October 2012 Electronic registers (catalogues) that function concomitantly with official catalogs

7 Perpetually A monitoring and evaluation database to function in every school partner for registering the progress of students during the project implementation

8 Perpetually A common database of partnership in order to gather all important information and knowledge concerning the project

9 Perpetually Inter-partners thematic mini-projects accomplished by 2 or 3 teams of students belong to different partner schools

10 Annualy Some common online publications: Teachers' magazine, Students' magazine which gather articles and essays

11 Perpetually A dialog forum that to function on the common platform as a location for a free change of opinions

12 March 2013 Some project symbols: sigle, flag, mascot

13 May 2013 Some common educational software produced by teachers involved in the partnership

14 May 2013 Editing a common courseware of the project

15 May 2014 A Good Practice Guidebook