Distribution of tasks

First Romanian partner (Scoala "Elena Cuza", the coordinator school)

- to create the software platform according to a common vision;

- organizing the first project meeting;

- launching the software platform during the project visit in Romania;

- to create the user guides for the platform;

- to coordinate the whole project;

Belgian partner

- to create adaptations for eTwinning portal;

- organizing the sixth project meeting;

- organizing the final evaluation during the last project meeting;

- to create the Facebook page and Twitter page of the project;

- to create the Good Practice Guide Book by gathering information and experience from all partners;

- to organize the presentation of the Good Practice Guide Book;

Spanish partner

- to make the project symbols after the change of opinions among all partners;

- organizing the second project meeting;

- launching the project symbols during the visit in Spain;

- conducting the dialogue forum on the platform like on eTwinning forum;

Turkish partner

- organizing the third project meeting;

- conducting the process of creating a common educational software;

- presentation of the first common educational software;

- preparation of a common courseware of the project;

Second Romanian partner (Liceul Particular Nr. 1 Arad)

- conducting the first collection of electronic lessons;

- presentation of the first collection of electronic lessons during the visit in Turkey;

- conducting the common online publication: Students’ magazine;

- conducting the common online publication: Teachers’ magazine;