For students

We stipulate that the activities of the partnership to bring: a better communication in English; the use of PC for learning purpose, a better communication with teachers, including the outside one, when some students ask for some support in doing their homework; and also a better reason for learning.


For teachers

We appreciate that the partnership will bring: better abilities in using PC mainly during the teaching process, more professional competence and value by the extension of the own arsenal of methods, a greater efficiency in evaluation and during the monitoring of the school progress.


For participating institutions

We consider that the partnership's activities have to bring: real opportunities to improve and to innovate the didactic and pedagogical process; the optimization of the didactic management; a better integration into the European schools network through the participation to the European values change into the educational field; and also and added value and a surplus of image inside the local community.

TOPICS (Main thematic areas of partnership)


New technologies, ICT

Pedagogy and didactics

Foreign languages teaching and learning;

Quality and evaluation of education;

Raising students’ achievement





Communication in foreign language

Digital competence

Learning to learn

Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology