Integration into ongoing activities

The partnership deals with pedagogical issues and didactic management as well as it focuses also on learner involvement, so that the project will be integrated both into learning activities and into teaching activities.

The integration of the project into the ongoing activities concerning to pedagogical issues and didactic management will be done through: use of the project platform during the classes and extra-classes; wide use of ICT during the courses; conceiving of many lessons with electronic support; applying electronic tests; use of electronic tools for monitoring the school progress (graphs, diagrams, charts); use of electronic catalogue; conceiving of video lessons among partner schools;

giving to students online conciliation for homework and supplementary work.

The integration of the project into learning activities means: use of ICT during learning process into school and extra school; use of the soft-platform of the project by students whenever they want; use of electronic bases of data for everyday lessons and also for school contests.