Objectives and strategy

The general objective of the partnership is:


The improvement of academic (school) and didactic performances through an innovative use of ICT.


There are 10 concrete objectives that detail the general objective.


1. To stimulate the use of ICT in didactic and pedagogical activity.

2. To create and use a software platform in order to improve the teaching - learning - evaluating process.

3. To stimulate the innovation in teaching by means of an advanced use of ICT.

4. To improve English communication skills for the students and teachers involved in the project.

5. To optimize evaluation by using electronic tests.

6. To monitor academic (school) progress by electronic means.

7. To focus students' interest in using computers in order to develop learning autonomy.

8. To bring more accessibility in teacher - student communication in order to support tutoring activities.

9. To conduct exchange of good teaching practice among partner schools.

10. To make ICT as a linking bridge over some different educational systems in Europe.


Our project intends to address to a set of problems which refer to:


- a very slow process of learning individualization and differential treatment of all students;

- a relative modest level of computerization of the pedagogical process;

- the necessity to confer a greater practical character to the lessons and make their content more accessible;

- the necessity of finding more efficient instruments to support the continuous evaluation and a better monitoring of the students' progress;

- the desire to use more efficient instruments for interdisciplinary approaches;

- the necessity of optimizing the student-teacher’s communication in extra school time;

- the preoccupation to develop for a majority of students the motivation and competence for lifelong learning;

- the necessity for sharing pedagogical and didactic performance with partners all over Europe;

- the preoccupation for a continuous innovation of teaching-learning-evaluating process;

- the desire to give a full online and confidential access for parents to their children’ school situation (mainly for those who work abroad);

- the necessity for many students to improve their English skills by using them with foreign partners.

The only answer for all these problems seems to be an advanced and innovative use of ICT having a software platform as a basic support for a wide digital education which should lead to a continuous improvement of school and didactic performances.