Participants’ involvement

The project deals with pedagogical problems and didactic management but also with matters referring to the students, main actors during the teaching-learning-evaluating process. Both, teachers and students are actively involved during all the stages of this project (planning, implementation, evaluation) according to each stage and type of activity.

During the stage of planning, while students are trained to apply some questionnaires concerning the list of needs and opportunities, teachers select the results and set up the plan of activities.

During the implementation stage, the teachers are dealing with: the setting of lessons’ sequences fit for ICT use, the editing and applying of electronic tests, the administration of data basis for each subject or level, the online conciliation of students after school program (mainly for extra school work), the administration of electronic registers (catalogues), the supervising of students activities for making some thematic mini-projects, the participation in the change of ideas and conclusions with the other partners for pedagogical and didactic innovation, the participation to the project visits, the writing of certain articles for the project magazine. In the same stage of the project, students have the following responsibilities: to make some thematic mini-projects together with students belong to the other partner schools, the participation to the project meetings, to administrate the project corner in every school, to use specific information on the platform in order to get better school results, to write some articles for the project magazine, to access the dialog forum on the platform in order to communicate with the other students.

During the evaluation stage, teachers are concerned with providing and applying the instruments for evaluating system mainly with the teaching stuff, while the students involved in this project are supposed to use some specific instruments (questionnaires, interviews, reports, diaries, records) especially with other students, but also with parents and members of community.