We begin with a view for students:

The first step for a student is to create an account with the site. For this, the student needs to go to Login

Once there, select Register :alt and anter your name, email, establish a username - if the username already exists, or the email is already used, the registration will fail. Choos your school and selct that you're a student. Don't bother to enter fake informations, all registrations are manually validated by a designated administrator from your school :)


Assuming your registration went without a hitch, you can begin exploring the website.

Virtual Lessons will give you a list of subjects where you can find lessons entered by your teachers. Either browse through the lessons, or simply search for what you need, using the nested filter button. There's also a button leading to a dedicated Virtual lessons discussion forum, where you can ask questions, and discuss with your teachers and fellow students.

Common miniprojects - here you'll find a series of miniprojects, with details on how you can join, participate, send documnetation, etc.

Electronic Evaluation - there are 2 ways of getting to taking an online exam: Either by looking from the main menu button, or navigating through the right side subjects list, where you can find the tests created by your teachers. Once there, just clik on the test you want, and follow the wizzard