The systematic and integrated use of ICT in the didactic and pedagogical process leads to the overfulfilment of a "romantic" stage of the computer assisted teaching and learning for the strengthening of a "mature" and innovator one. The conceiving and implementation of a soft-platform in every partner school which can connect the main fields of interests of students and teachers as: the processing, the systematization and making the information accessible; emphasizing the practical character of the lessons; a continuous innovation of didactic process; the permanent evaluation; the interdisciplinary approach; the adjustment of communication between student and teacher; all together facilitate a better focus on student and an individualization of learning, concomitantly with better chances for permanent increase of school and didactic performances. Computer can be transformed for many students from a mean of playing and get information into an efficient tool of learning even during the free time by connecting from home to the data bases of the soft-platform in order to: be conciliated for solving homework, do some thematic mini-projects, have extra work or training for very high performances, but also to confer a wider sense for learning than the classical school one. The innovation of didactic and pedagogical process through the advanced use of ICT together with the achievement of an experience exchange among the partner schools upon this theme lead to a progressive development of school and didactic competence in every school and also to a better integration of the partner schools into European educational system, finally contributing to the convergence and to the harmonization of the values system inside the European educational field.